Why Hire Burmese?


Why Hire Burmese?
As Thailand rapidly develops and the middle class grows it has become more and more difficult to find Thai staff prepared to do “menial labour”. The new generation of Thais are entering the workforce with a higher education and high expectations of what they want to do regarding employment.

So called menial jobs such as housekeeping, gardening, factory work etc are become increasingly hard to fill as Thais simply dont want to do the job, and fair enough too.

Enter the migrant worker….

Thailand has long attracted workers from her three neighbors – Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Unfortunately they are often exploited with long hours and little pay.

I am of course against the exploitation of migrant workers, and having travelled abroad to find work myself, my sympathies lie with those brave enough to leave their home and loved ones to look for work in a strange country.

Of the three nationalities mentioned above, the Burmese have a reputation of being hard workers with a good work ethic and a humble attitude. Thais have long sought Burmese workers and many of the construction workers that you see every day are indeed Burmese, along with factory workers, farm workers, gas station attendants and of course the ever suffering “Mae Baan” or housekeeper.

Many farang owned businesses are beginning to hire Burmese staff rather than Thai, though there is a lengthy process involved – even more complicated than hiring westerners.

My next post will outline the procedures involved for hiring a legal Burmese immigrant with the correct visa and work permit…………

Stay tuned.


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