Tourist visa to Non-immigrant visa at Krabi Immigration

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Tourist visa to Non-immigrant visa at Krabi Immigration??

Impossible I hear you say. We all know that to get a non-immigrant visa you have to gather together a seemingly endless mountain of supporting paperwork, then head off to the nearest border eventually making your way to a consulate that issues Thai visas. Once you get there you find out that there is a two day public holiday, and then it’s the weekend. Four days later you join the queue at the consulate visa section to apply for the said visa, only to be told by a smiling clerk that you are missing a piece of documentation. You then frantically get the missing paperwork faxed to your hotel and return to the consulate only to be told “visa section closed – come back tomorrow”.

Now I know there are bunch of readers out there smiling to themselves as they recall that exact thing happening to them. At the time you were thinking – I wish I could’ve done all this in Krabi Immigration and saved all this time and hassle. Well now you can and here’s how you do it……..

Let’s not go into too much detail here about all the paperwork required – as that depends on which non-immigrant visa you are applying for and on what grounds. If it’s a “B” visa you will need all the supporting paperwork from the company that is sponsoring you – be it your company or one that is offering you employment. If it is an “O” visa then you are either married or retired and you will again need all the right paperwork just as though you were applying at a Thai consulate outside of Thailand.

Your tourist visa must have at least 15 days left on it before expiring so if you entered Thailand on a 30 day visa then you better get busy as it normally takes a few days or a week to get all the supporting documents together. If you crossed at a land border and only have a 15 day visa then you cant do it.

Once everything is in order, and remember if it is an “O” visa you need to show financial records also, head on down to Krabi Immigration and ask for the TM87 form. Fill that in along with the actual visa application, hand in all your paperwork, your passport, the right size photos and – you guessed it – the fee. The fee varies so contact me for current pricing. The processing time is 14 days, though if it takes longer you will be granted an extension. Your visa will only be valid for three months and only a single entry. The logic behind that is it gives you ample time to apply for a one year extension on that visa which you renew annually and live happily ever after in lovely Krabi.

Sounds easy right? Need more information? Give me a call and find out if you qualify for a non-immigrant visa and how to go about getting all the documents together.

Next month we look at the education or Non-immigrant “E” visa. This visa allows you to remain for up to one year in Thailand without doing border runs, providing you are genuinely studying during your stay.

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